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 Relaxing by the fire

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Ivan Braginski

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Relaxing by the fire Empty
PostSubject: Relaxing by the fire   Relaxing by the fire EmptySun Aug 26, 2012 9:02 pm

Ivan closed the dark arts book on his lap and placed it on the oak table in front of him. He loved relaxing in Slytherin's Common room. He sat back and marveled at the well decorated room. It was respectfully large, with high ceilings. stain glass windows that all sported the Slytherin logo. The couches and chairs all had a dark green color to them. They room itself wasnt terribly bright and colorful, but it was quite comfortable.

There was nobody else in the room at the moment, which was a shame, considering he longer had any nations living with him. They had left upon their arrival to this school and Ivan was anxious to gain some 'friends'.

He stared deeply into the low-burning fireplace, admiring it's orange flames. He enjoyed watching the fire take over the defenseless wood. As the wood ran low, though, so did the powerful flame. Smiling, he got up and threw some more logs into the fire and watched in amusement as they were quickly licked up by the beautiful, yet deadly flames.

the fireplace reminded him a lot of home. Cold days spent warming up by the fire. Well, that and intimidating fellow nations. He laughed at the good memories. He missed his home, but was happy to get away for a while, too. This was a great opportunity to interact with many more nations, each one a possible addition to his house when the time came to return home. He made a mental note to take advantage of the rotating seasons, too. Hot summers meant sunflower fields. He couldn't wait!
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Relaxing by the fire
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